II Mostra Mueller Ecodesign


At the invitation of the organizers of the event, gathered here were pieces that had sustainable appeal. Was made a space like a balcony to relax beside books and plants. . . . → Veja mais: II Mueller Ecodesign Show

Casa Cor 2005


This edition of Casa Cor occupied the building of an old mill, the space for the Fumoir was on the second floor, the large architectural intervention was opening the windows until the ground and create a metallic balcony where people could stay outdoors for smoking. . . . → Veja mais: Casa Cor 2005

Casa Cor Paraná 2000 - Vitrine de Jóias


At the first time that the architect attended the exhibition, she joined the architect Claudia Guérios. The space suggested a place where the homeowner did the exposure and contemplation of their jewelry collection. Noble materials such as Marron Emperador marble and silk on the walls. The only touch of color was the “Tiffany” blue puff, referring to American jewelry. . . . → Veja mais: Casa Cor Paraná 2000 – Vitrine de Jóias

Casa Cor 2004


Gourmet Club Space was created to house weekly events that Casa Cor offered to raise funds for a hospital in the city. Some VIPs of the city were invited to cook for a few guests. Part of this space was built to house the number of people needed – they were 30 guests per night. The works of art, furniture, lighting, everything was chosen in order to create contemporary space and cozy at the same time for multiple use of cooking and receiving. . . . → Veja mais: Casa Cor 2004